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High Technology Tool Making

SUMCA is known for it’s international service in the production of bespoke tooling covering manufacture and design.

Customer centric with a can-do approach. Our drive for precision is evolving to deliver innovation in the world of high-performance tooling. This is carried out discretely where our customer’s intellectual property is protected whilst challenging tooling paradigms to secure future proof solutions.

With a deep knowledge of our markets, we work with our clients to optimise production, to ensure the best way to manufacture parts. Whether a complex project or tool maintenance we are a go to solution.

The factory in France is part of the AKRIS Group’s supply chain covering our clients worldwide. Whether your process requires carbide or hardened sintered steels with superfinishes and absolute geometry we would welcome an exchange with you to determine how we can add value. Digitally enabled through Teams, secure servers and humanly mobile we welcome all challenges to demonstrate our reliability in service to factories of all sizes.

Working with a modern tool supplier is to have a partner who can listen and develop proposals to meet the changing way we manufacture. Lower skilled production lines aand a tendency towards automation leaves very little tolerance for variability in tooling. Our tools are delivered ready to be put in the machine quickly and simply – give leverage in the produced part for quality and part cost.

Please take the time to visit our site – if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and talk with us. We look forward to sharing your challenge.

The customer is the central pillar of our company. To ensure client’s expectations are met a Quality Management System is integrated with the operations of the company and is audited annually to ISO certification, proudly maintained since 2006.

The expectation is to understand the current and future needs of our clients to ensure we deliver the precision required by each market. Frequent visits to customers with manufacturing staff facilitate the factory’s comprehension of customer requirements.

“Measure what you make – cut once” is a reliable adage; the system is closed loop checking what we are doing to ensure as we move forward we do so correctly. Our machines are developed within an Industry 4.0 framework.

A visit to our workshops reveals in process measurements, CMMs with scanning on board where we offer both contact scanning and full 3D laser topography. Full non-contact measurement is offered on internal and external features – no limits on radius size.

The reason for 360°? At every stage we check our work whether in the order preparation or the execution of a tool we will work to ensure that the project runs smoothly.


Quick Change Tool

As a specialist tool maker we have many years and hence many satisfied customers running with presses equipped with a zero reference system that allows for quick change overs.

The advantages are immediately seen on a client’s profit and loss account. Improved uptime, reduction in scrap, lower tool costs whilst needing less training to operate the system allow for a win-win for all involved.

Our experience shows that it is the shop floor team who once having used the system will demand further deployment.

It simply makes the day easier.

    Our Markets

Our Markets

Our fully audited Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Our QMS is our framework to manage our business assuring performance. The system is audited to ISO9000 and by our clients.

Technology and People Investment

We are a high tech company, full computer simulation of our tools, our processes allow our technicians, engineers and managers to fully support our clients in the best possibel way.

Training plans supported by the invstament in the best machine tools ensure market price toolign for the future.

Our partners are welcome on site to propegate best practice.

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Customer reviews

“We have received the tooling, the first thing to do was to inspect.
The production of the tool, the functional air gaps have been extremely well executed.
This is the best execution of this style of tool that I have received to date”.
"I want to thank the team of SUMCA for being their high service level“
“Thank you very much for keeping us up to speed on progress and the rapid production of the tools. It is greatly appreciated”.
“Thank you for the reactivity of the team at SUMCA, we highly appreciate the quality of the reconditioned tools and allowed us to minimize our production stop”.
Sumca avis client
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